H series

H series

Photographer Profile: Peter Dawson

_MG_5218_900“Trust my instincts and creative voice, and keep it simple, positive and joyful.”   When asked about the start of his career, Peter Dawson states: "I was the designated family road trip photographer starting at around grade 4. My father handed me his manual Ricoh and showed me how to focus and read the internal light meter and I took it...
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Photokina 2012 Recap

Photokina 2012 in Cologne, Germany, finished last Sunday. The world's leading imaging fair hosted the biggest names in the photo industry, and Hasselblad, broncolor, Sunbounce, Sun-Sniper, Kobold, Visatec and FOBA were on hand to announce their innovative new products. 185,000 visitors from around the globe came to Photokina this year, marking it as one of the biggest years in history. Big...
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On Location with Bryce Pincham: Hasselblad H Series excels in the world's worst recorded weather conditions

  Photo courtesy of Bryce Pincham His landscape portraits capture the beauty of desolation. Each photo seems to be a part of a dream sequence, and after every image, you’re woken up and then simultaneously fall into a REM of the next enthralling dream sequence. But getting to capture images of sublime areas of the world is just a perk; the...
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Guest — Mark Kalan
Hasselblad H series film or digital or film with another brand digital back?
Tuesday, 28 August 2012 12:12 PM
Guest — Melanie Moore
Congratulations on the wonderful article Bryce, the Moore Clan is very proud of you!!!!!!
Wednesday, 29 August 2012 8:08 AM
Guest — Don Stolley
Electronic shutters are nice. Back when I used to shoot Ariens snowblowers in Northern Wisconsin, we had to keep a small cooler w... Read More
Tuesday, 04 September 2012 2:02 PM
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