Hasselblad Check-to-Spec Service Special

Hasselblad Check-to-Spec Service Special

Hasselblad Check-to-Spec Service Special




Check-to-Spec Service Special

Bring your camera, lens, viewfinder, digital /and or film magazine back to its original factory spec!


While Hasselblad cameras and accessories are built to the highest standards and use the finest materials available, regular service is an important maintenance precaution. Mechanical as well as electronic components can gradually drift out of tolerance through regular use – affecting alignment, focus, shutter speed accuracy, and other vital functions.

Whether you shoot film or digital photography, a factory spec camera is critical to achieving the highest possible image quality.  The Hasselblad Check-to-Spec Special will ensure your camera system is functioning as well today as it did the first day you used the camera.


H-System $159
V-System $99

This special service includes diagnostic and functionality check of:

1 - H-System body OR V-System camera body
1 - Hasselblad digital magazine or film magazine
1 - Lens 
1 - Viewfinder
H SYSTEM - $159
V SYSTEM - $99
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