Broncolor introduces HS and new Accessories!

Broncolor introduces HS and new Accessories!

Broncolor introduces HS and new Accessories!

Broncolor introduces HS and new Accessories!

HS has arrived!


Broncolor is pleased to announce some exciting new products!


We are introducing the new RFS 2.2 Transceiver which will facilitate HS in the Siros L and Move flash systems. This HS capability has been in very high demand by customers and we are delighted to make it available. In addition, we are rolling out a new Strip Grid 5:1 for P70” which offers the photographer an interesting new light shaping capability.



RFS 2.2 Transceiver


In addition to offering the radio triggering and control features of the current RFS 2.1, the new “RFS 2.2 Transceiver facilitates the exciting new HS function in Siros L and Move packs. The new unit also offers the user a bright illuminated LCD screen which is easy to read and clearly indicates all settings. The RFS 2.2 transceiver is compatible with all Broncolor power packs or monolights equipped with an RFS 2 or 2.1 interface.


The Broncolor HS function lets you now use flash in combination with very short exposure time settings on your camera. Advantages include allowing the photographer to use a high shutter speed (up to 1/8000s) to freeze motion, overpower the sun with less flash power and equipment, darken backgrounds using a high shutter speed, and most importantly shoot with a large aperture creating shallow depth of field.


The HS function is available only for Siros L and Move flash units. All that is needed* is a RFS 2.2 transceiver, which is available for Nikon, Canon or Sony camerasA change of the flash tube is not necessary, neither with Move nor with Siros L.


*For Siros L units we recommend a software update to version 52.03. This update improves the HS function and may be downloaded from our website: However, for Move a firmware update is required.  This update must be made at the Broncolor service center. Further, please note that HS for Move is optimized for the use with one lamp. If working with two lamps only symmetric power distribution is possible.



Item no.                        Description                                                 List price                                          


B-36.160.00                  RFS 2.2 C transmitter (Canon)               $114.95                        


B-36.161.00                  RFS 2.2 N transmitter (Nikon)               $114.95                       


B-36.162.00                  RFS 2.2 S transmitter (Sony)                  $114.95   


Strip Grid 5:1 for P70 reflector

Broncolor is pleased to present a new honeycomb grid, the “Strip Grid 5:1 for P70 reflector”It has the same function as all our honeycomb grids, with a new shape of the honeycomb. As the name implies the pattern is not round but a rectangular shape at the rate of 5:1, giving you new creative possibilities. What until now could only be achieved with complicated optical systems can now be realized with this innovative heat-resistant honeycomb grid. The resultant effect is that of an elongated oval illumination as opposed to circular.


Item no.                  Description                                     List price                        


B-33.195.00           Strip Grid 5:1 for P70 reflector    $235.00



Broncolor quality-proudly made in Switzerland

Available at Broncolor dealers nationwide   





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