CU: Cuba Photography Workshop-Workshops

CU: Cuba Photography Workshop-Workshops

CU: Cuba Photography Workshop

Cuba Photography Adventure


Cuba, Havana and Vañales



Workshop Cost

$6650.00 (USD) - Per Person

$750.00 (USD) - Single Supplement

All Inclusive (except travel to and from Cuba)



Activity Level





8 Photographers Maximum




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A wondrous paradise with an intriguing past, Cuba brings us a unique perspective of the world that is an adventure for many of us. On a Photography expedition of the island you will immerse yourself in the warm and authentic Cuban culture, natural beauty and stunningly traditional architecture. 


Along with a resident guide fluent in both English and Spanish, you will be taken to places normally untouched by tourists, uncovering the genuine Cuba. In Havana, you will be plunged into daily Cuban life, becoming one with with local culture at unique locations such as colorful Afro-Cuban streets, boxing gyms, and city squares rooted in history. Away from Havana you will explore the pristine countryside of the Viñales valley and a rural Cuba that no guidebook could contain.


These sights are paired with the expertise of on-hand professional photographers Peter Lorber and Courtenay Gilbert as they teach you how to get the most from your gear and show you some new techniques to capture the unique beauty and textures of Cuba. In addition a local guide with vast knowledge of the culture, history and landscapes of Cuba, will make sure you get to the best locations at the best possible light.


There is no telling what you may discover during our Cuba workshop, but with unparalleled guidance, a group of likeminded people, and a location without limits, the doors are wide open for a world of possibilities. 


And as in all of our workshops we enjoy great restaurants, stay in upscale accommodations, and share lots of laughter while surrounded by breathtaking scenery. This makes our workshops perfect not only for you the photographer, but also for your non-photographer travel partner looking for an amazing vacation!


You will have the opportunity to shoot with the Hasselblad H6D-100C, one hundred megapixels of unmatched image quality with the finest details and a 15 stop dynamic range, the Hasselblad  X1D, the world's first compact mirrorless medium format digital camera, and a variety of Hasselblad lenses and accessories. Both Peter and Courtenay are Hasselblad trained professionals and have been training top photographers for over ten years.  


They will also show you how to create technically perfect and artistically stunning panoramic images using various panoramic VR drives from manual heads to the top of the line Seitz Roundshot motorized VR drive.

Event Properties

Event date 02-24-2018
Event End Date 03-03-2018
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