Scanner Service

Scanner Service

(all terms on this page effective as of February 28, 2017)

Hasselblad Inc. is proud to offer phone support and repair service for the following scanners:

• X5
• X1
• 949
• 848
• 646
• 343 scanners
   - Service is limited to Tune and Lube maintenance.
   - HBI will provide limited technical support.

Tune and Lube service consists of:

• Inspection of all parts for obvious physical damage
• Check Power Supply
• Replace lamps (does not include 949 or X5 transmissive lamp)
• Check drive belts and springs, replace if necessary
• Lubricate drive screw
• Clean rollers, replace if necessary
• Clean optics/ lens (front and back)
• Inspect and clean CCD
• Clean internally and externally


SCSI Scanners:

Service is no longer available, this includes a tune and lube.

The customer also has the option to try to troubleshoot the issue over the phone with our technician. Please note that customer will need to provide his/her name, email, billing address and credit card information prior to the support being offered. The hourly rate is $150.00 and the technician will inform the customer of the time that the billing process begins and ends. The customer will be charged for one full hour during the first hour of support, no matter how much of the first hour is utilized. Anything that extends past the first hour will be billed in half-hour hour increments ($75 for each half-hour session). At the end of the call, the customer will be advised as to the amount they are being charged. The order will be processed and an invoice will be sent to the customer. 

*Please note that the customers will not be charged for general questions, only for queries pertaining to diagnosing and step-by-step instructions for SCSI scanners.

Film Holders:

Please note that there have been issues with the 24 x 36 x 6 film holders (part# H-50200416) due to their length.  As the holder is pulled into the scanner, the friction between the magnetic rubber and metal plate may result in a bubble forming that will result in a soft scan in the first or last frame.  This does not occur in every instance, but it is possible.  If you have questions, please contact Hasselblad Inc's Technical Support Department.


The customer shall bear the responsibility for all shipping (both inbound and outbound), inspection, repair and other miscellaneous fees associated with the product sent to Hasselblad Inc. 

Please email the service department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for questions regarding price.