The Turna Turntable is controlled by a MAC or PC computer via USB cable, but the Turna is responsible for firing the camera.  Basically it works like this: 1) Computer running Foba T-Ctrl software tells the Turna to move 2) once the turns has moved the product into position, the software send the turns a signal to initialte an image capture 3) the turna closes the camera release circuit on the Camera Out port of the Turna.  4) The camera out port is connected to a cable which is connected to the trigger shutter release port of the camera.


This is all pretty straightforward.  This system allows the Turna to work with basically any available single shot camera system in the market.  Images captured by the camera are transmitted by the camera’s control software (available from the camera manufacturer).  The Foba T-Make software will process out the images from any camera manufacturer that can autogenerate jpgs (basically all of the camera softwares’ do this).


The question that we often receive is: What cables should I use to connect to the shutter release on my camera system?


The answer is simple:  The Foba camera release port is a “Phono” plug (aka “Profoto sync plug”, or “1/4inch photo”  or “6.35mm phono”).

We recommend the following configuration to get form the Photo plug to your camera:

  • Connect the male end of the included phono cable to the female port on the Turna (this is a mono cable)
  • Connect an adapter plug to go from 3.5mm mini female to ¼ phono male (see picture) (this is readily available in any Radio Shack or electronics store).  You can use mono or stereo.
  • Get a Pocketwizard camera release cable for your camera type and plug the 3.5mm end into the 3.5 mm female on the adapter
  • Done