Using Alternate in bronControl with Siros

Alternate is a unique function available in the free bronControl app that gives you even more creative lighting options. New York City photographer Erik Valind shows you how to setup Alternate and makes a creative colorful portrait with Siros.

Dodd Camera “Tech Days” broncolor demo – New Video from Chicago

Sinar Bron Imaging’s Jack Ridley takes you through a tour of the broncolor Scoro and Grafit packs at Dodd Camera.  Jacks walks through making some action freezing liquid splash shots with Scoro – truly the fastest pack on the market. The flash duration of Scoro is mind boggling.

This demo, which showcased broncolor power packs and other broncolor lighting tools, was hosted by  Dodd Camera Professional on Armitage Ave in Chicago.  Check it out.
Broncolor at Dodd

video by John Cole (