Emergency: Markus Klinko & Indrani Celebrity Shoot in Tribeca

A photographer’s emergency becomes an SBI solution.  Markus Klinko & Indrani,  acclaimed photography duo to celebrity superstars and the like, ran into a bind while using a broncolor Para 330 FB just before a major celebrity shoot last week in Tribeca.

When Markus & Indrani shoot it is a major production with tons of  planning.  Equipment failures can throw the best shooters and teams into a little bit of stress…reworking a well thought out lighting setup is not a welcome activity a few hours before the VIP shows up.  And, while the Para is designed to withstand a ton of abuse, problems  can happen.  Markus & Indrani’s  people gave us a call and we were on the scene in minutes with another Para from our demo closet on 38th street to rectify the  situation. We remained on set to make sure all equipment was setup  properly and all gear performed to the highest quality for the shoot.   We take pride in our gear.  We take pride in our service.  This is how we roll.


broncolor Lighting Seminar at the Menlo Park NJ Apple Store

Monday night at the Menlo Park NJ Apple store attendees were given a crash course in portrait lighting using broncolor strobes as well as advanced workflow for digital imaging using Apple’s powerful Aperture software.

Apple Store broncolor Seminar Menlo Park NJ

Apple Store broncolor Seminar Menlo Park NJ

Matthew Karas is a professional photographer based out of NYC with over 25 years in the medium.  Matthew spoke on the defining characteristics of light:  Coverage, Edge transfer, Shadow definition, Contrast, and Highlight Definition.  These are the five factors that broncolor uses to describe the effect that light shapers create.

But the seminar was not a technical geek fest only about lighting ratios and formulas. Photographers are artists and  craftsmen, and in order to be able to control the medium and create their art, they need to be able to define the qualities of the light the different shapers and reflectors produce.  The broncolor lighting seminars are built upon this premise.  We do quick overviews of the fundamentals and then we start shooting.

One of the attendees came up to Matthew at the end of the seminar to tell him that he learned more then he ever possibly thought he could about photography that night, and how the seminar had far exceeded what he had thought it would be.

Sinar – Broncolor and Foba at the SPE Conference, in Dallas Texas.

A few weeks ago I attended the National Society of Photographic Education (SPE)  conference in Dallas.  It was a great show.  Students and faculty from around the United States gathered to speak about all that is state-of-the-art in photographic equipment and education today.   Sinar Bron Imaging, along with several other vendors, had all their latest equipment on display along with their educational material and discount programs.   Sinar Bron has been making a huge push into the educational market with an aggressive discount program, educational competitions, and seminars and educational materials for photographic educational programs across the country.

Our booth at SPE contained a great amount of  Sinar, Broncolor, and Foba gear. Educators and students took advantage of SBI’s presence by getting hands on with the equipment and learning about the new and best technology on the market today.     —–DMW

NAB Show 2009 in the Bron Kobold Booth

Kobold HMI in the water at the NAB Show 2009

Kobold HMI in the water at the NAB Show 2009

We visited our sister company Bron Kobold, the US distributors of Kobold HMI lighting systems and the Bron Visatek monolight line of strobes, at the National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB Show) in Las Vegas this week.   Kevin Schill from Bron Kobold was showing off all the latest and greatest in the Kobold line.  As always, the Kobold All Weather 200 watt, 400 watt, and 800 watt HMI’s were displayed under a constant rain shower.  These IP 54 rated lamp heads and ballasts are designed to be used outdoors – no need to worry about the dark clouds approaching (or the rain machines firing up).

The NAB show was filled with some really interesting new products.  The highlights for me were some new innovative LED  designs, a bunch of harnesses and accessories for the Cnaon 5d MkII, and a bunch of 3d demonstrations that were built to impress (and did).   more later…

TIPA: Best Studio Generator: Broncolor Scoro series

Tipa Award Screen Shot Broncolor

TIPA (www.tipa.com), the organization known for its annual awards of excellence of photography products, has announced the the broncolor Scoro wins the category for best studio power pack.  We were in good company this year with tons of great complimentary products like the Canon 5d mkII and Canon G10.   Our only disappointment was that our Mobil A2R pack was not considered for best portable pack (as it has been out just a little longer than a year).

From TIPA:

The Broncolor Scoro A4S power pack represents the state of the art in studio flash generators. With three lamp outlets, controlled over three individual (asymmetrical) channels (like 3 power packs in one) it offers 3200 J flash energy. What makes it special is its very high repetitive precision, due to its automatic stabilisation of the colour temperature ECTC (Enhanced Colour Temperature Control) over the whole control range and up to six f-stops in asymmetrical mode.