broncolor & Mechanism Digital – Convergence Convened

We had a fantastic time Thursday night our Convergence party at MECHANISM DIGITAL’S rooftop lounge in Chelsea.

The BBQ & beer bash was a great opportunity to hook up with some old friends, meet some new friends, and discuss the opportunities and challenges involved at the intersection of video and still photography.

The post production folks meshed with the photography crowd nicely.  At the end of the night I was hanging out with some of the crew from Mechanism Digital and they were amazed at how hungry the photo crowd were to learn about video production and post production.

Some of the interesting surprises that came out of the evening was the amount of buzz in the photography community about the Red Camera vs. the Canon 5d MkII.   The consensus was that both are great tools.  The Canon 5d MkII provides a great file straight out of the camera, but that file comes with a few drawbacks in the form of limitations on post processing and corrections.  This can create difficulties in post production with noise and color shifts when making deep modifications.  The Red on the other hand gets you a file that out of the camera might not look as good as the Canon, but the data in the res file is much more complete and rich.  So post processing on the Red is much more flexible and forgiving.  But that flexibility comes at a price because the Red codec  takes some serious processing horsepower and needs a pro to assemble the final product.

The other interesting thing I heard going on was talk about the ever increasing use of CGI and rendering in still photo.  Mechanism has got a team of post processing guys.  Each has a specialty, there’s a frame worker, a lighting guy, and a particle and physics processor.  Each member of the team works on a specific process.  The big difference between what Mechanism does and what a still photo CGI shop does is that for a still photo you are working up lighting for a single frame.  The Mechanism guys will put it together for anything from a 15 second TV spot to a full length feature film.  When asked how hard it is for them to do a single frame the Mechanism physicist said,  “Man, once we get the physics and the lighting done you have got your single frame…that’s easy and that’s just the beginning of our work to make a complete segment.”  You only need to check out MSNBC this Sunday July 12, 2009 “Why Planes Crash” show that Mechanism produced to see what they mean.

The last major takeaway from the evening was that the video crew’s feeling that the photographers were going to end up running the show.  Photographers have a reputation for being artists and creative geniuses.  So the overwhelming consensus was that the photographers would have more success shooting video and bringing in and directing video crews then the other way around.  I think the jury may still be out on this one.

We hope everyone had as much fun as we did, and we hope to see you around at our future events. If you would like to join our mailing list for upcoming events, please register here.

Many thanks to Lucien of Mechanism for co-hosting with us, and many thanks to our interns Jessica and Katie for putting the wheels on this party.

Need Power?

Recently I have been getting more and more requests from photographers to demonstrate the minimum power setting of the broncolor Scoro. I had the opportunity to visit with Michael Khachadoorian, Photographer for Converse and we put the extreme range of the Scoro A4s to the test in the studio. Not only did the Scoro A4s offer the highest power output of any 3 head asymmetrical pack with 3200ws, but it also offered the lowest too, with an extraordinary 3ws. This incredible power range hands a photographer the most creativity possible. We were able to move the lampheads as close as possible and still shoot with the lenses wide open at f2.8 in the studio. What’s more, there is no need to “bleed off” power, or switch lamp head connections – simply just press the power adjust buttons to step down or up in either full stops, or tenths, until you reach the desired level. The broncolor Scoro A4s proved to Michael that it has muscle with 3200ws, but also finesse with just 3ws – an astonishing 10 f-stops in power setting range!




Foto Care NYC Grand Opening Event Schedule – broncolor lighting demos and guest speakers announced

Monday July 13th
1:00 PM   “The Shape of Light” by broncolor
Learn how broncolor has developed specialized light shapers to help photographers realize their visual goals.  Discover new ways to light  your subjects and the proper techniques with the Para FB Umbrella, UV attachments, Mini Satellite, Lightbars, Litestick and Ringflash C and P.
Tuesday July 14th
2:00 PM  “Splash” by broncolor SPACE STILL AVAILABLE !
Controlled and fast flash duration photography using the NEW broncolor Scoro and Grafit packs.  Learn how to use light in  pours and splashes with Brian Byrns of “Set In Ice“, a liquids stylist who has been involved with many major  liquid and pour shoots for advertising.
6:00 PM   “A Night with Dance” with Lois Greenfield
Lois Greenfield
talks about her experiences in creating unique dance photography images.

Wednesday July 15th

1:00 PM “Location Flash by broncolor
Covering different studio lighting options for location shooting in fashion or still life.  Discover the features of the Verso A4S, 2400ws studio and portable system, and the Mobil A2R 1200ws Mobile system.

6:45 PM   “Beauty and Fashion, No Guts No Glory” with Sarah Silver
Sarah Silver talks about how she has survived and thrived in the NYC fashion and beauty markets. Pick her brain on getting in and staying on top.

Convergence party next Thursday in NYC

Hi everyone,
Come join us for a special night at Mechanism Digital’s rooftop garden in West Chelsea next Thursday.  Mingle and meet some of the best photography and post production folks in the biz as we supply hot food on the grill, cold beer and drinks. What else would you want to do on a Thursday night besides a rooftop party on a nice summer night and learn more about the merging photo and video industries?
Broncolor will be setting up still photo lighting with our Scoro packs, as well as party lighting with our bron Kobold daylight balanced weatherproof HMI lights.
If you are starting to make the transition to adopt video as a part of your still shoots, you have to be here!

Thursday, July 9, 2009
6:00pm – 11:00pm
Mechanism Digital Studios
514 W 24th Street
New York, NY

RSVP IS REQUIRED, very limited space is available. We will be sending out confirmation notices shortly before.
(With first and last names of EACH guest, and company and or school affiliation) ***
–Rain date will be Friday, July 10th

Hope to see many of you there!


Dodd Camera “Tech Days” broncolor demo – New Video from Chicago

Sinar Bron Imaging’s Jack Ridley takes you through a tour of the broncolor Scoro and Grafit packs at Dodd Camera.  Jacks walks through making some action freezing liquid splash shots with Scoro – truly the fastest pack on the market. The flash duration of Scoro is mind boggling.

This demo, which showcased broncolor power packs and other broncolor lighting tools, was hosted by  Dodd Camera Professional on Armitage Ave in Chicago.  Check it out.
Broncolor at Dodd

video by John Cole (