Light Architecture by Urs Recher Now Available at Amazon.

Light Architecture by broncolor photographer URS RECHER
This book is an indispensible resource for those serious about lighting technique. Every photograph is broken down with diagrams, lighting equipment setup, and modifier usage. Photographic subjects include portraiture, fashion, nude, and product.

This book makes an excellent gift for anyone interested in expanding their
photography skills.

You can get it here.



Slideluck Potshow is coming back to NYC for August 6 7pm at Canoe Studios on 601 w 26th st, Suite 1465.  They are currently looking for a theme for this meet-up.  If you don’t know Slideluck then you should.   They organize potluck dinners and multimedia slideshows of local member’s work.  The events are hip, fresh, and sometimes unkempt.  More than raw enough to be fun.

They have been noticably quiet in NYC as of late, but this event promises to reignite the fury.


Photographic Lighting Seminar – Ernest Washington at Professional Photo Resource in Atlanta, GA June 10th

Ernest Washington will be hosting a lighting seminar from 6:00pm to 4:00pm at Professional Photo Resources in Atlanta, Georgia on June 10, 2009.
ewThe event fee will be $75.00, and $50.00 for students.

Ernest will demonstrate his photographic lighting techniques (using broncolor equipment!) and sharing the secrets of his success.

For information and registration, contact Mary Washington at 404.522.4488 or

You can also register online at

Professional Photo Resources
667 11th St NW
Atlanta GA 30318

Newly Released Webzine WINk

We just got word that WINk mag’s first webzine has launched.  WINk is Hans Neleman’s creation working with editor in chief Charlie Fish.  The mag supports the WIN Initiative to support locally created stock photography form the far reaches of the globe.   You can also check it out on Getty Images WIN launch page.  The initiative is all about getting and promoting images made by the best young photographers from some of the most remote and exotic (as well as closer to home – wherever that might be) locales.

The first issue features the work of Elana Gutmann, Hans Neleman, Nicholas Ong, Pavel Kantarov, Javiera Eyzaguirre, Gabriella Goldman, and Luis Ladrone de Guevara.

We were thrilled to get a special broncolor mention on page 6-7.

FOBA photo competition – 50 years of COMBITUBE

postcard_rgbOpen to all photographers!

To celebrate 50 years of COMBITUBE, we are holding a competition to find the most creative uses of the COMBITUBE system.

Judging will take place in Switzerland by an independent panel of judges comprising of  Frank Brüderli, photographer, Stallikon; Dennis Busch, project director, Jung von Matt/Limmat, Zurich; Denise Dill, de-signer, eclat, Erlenbach/Zurich; Ruth Küng, photography, Zurich; Sascha Renner, art critic, Tagesanzeiger/arts editor, Züritipp, Zurich.

Don’t own a COMBITUBE yet? No problem. The FOBA reseller near you will let you use one for the competition – and you will discover what you no longer want to miss!

For details and prizes (which total over $34,000) please visit the contest’s website:

Good Luck!