Range Rover, photographed by Raincamp and lit with broncolor

This month, we’re honored to bring you behind the scenes on a shoot for Land Rover – photographed by the collective, Raincamp. Formed by photographers Dylan Furst and Rob Sese, the Washington-based duo discussed the lighting and creative process in photographing a Range Rover in a series of challenging locations.

Andris Dzeguze Experimenting With Gels and Siros 800 L

“In my photography I’ve always been fascinated by power of the message you can deliver through photos – the idea of creating not only beautiful photos but also being able to transmit the mood to the viewer means a lot to me.”

Artist Spotlight : Sean Hagwell

Sean Hagwell’s imagery represents an artist who finds passion in his craft. As a photographer in the modern age, he must constantly be creating, thinking, and experimenting to push his work forward. Check out a bit more about Sean Hagwell and his work in his featured artist spotlight.

Product Announcement: Litepipe P

An innovative new light shaper from broncolor

Kill the Spill: 3 Light Shapers for Maximum Control

Erik Valind goes in depth on the modifiers and techniques he uses to precisely control his light on a product shoot.