Audi S8 Portraits of Luxury by Tim Gerges

Check out this fantastic post from photographer Tim Gerges with a Behind the Scenes look at a recent shoot!

Photographing an Auto Icon with Ben Sager

To light masterfully takes a careful hand and keen eye. That is exactly what photographer Ben Sager was equipped with, alongside his broncolor lighting tools.

Christian Serika, by Jeffrey Moustache

For commercial photographers, self-assigned projects can often produce unique work. For Jeffrey Moustache, this is exactly the case. In between his busy life as a photographer, competitive facial hair grower, and, custom suit and hat maker, he wanted to create new images for self-promotion. Luckily he was able to turn to his friend and professional skater, Christian Serika.

Spring Illustrative with Katie Thompson

Mixing collage and studio photography in a spring-inspired lighting test.

Shooting Beauty with broncolor Paras vs. Beauty Dish by Julia Kuzmenko

When it comes to light modifiers, we photographers have an abundance of choices today: from large softboxes and octaboxes (soft light), to zoom reflectors and silver umbrellas (hard light) and everything else in between. As a beauty photographer, however, I feel like we have fewer options than portrait and fashion photographers who can use the whole range of those lights.