The Ring of Fire: Snowboarding the Snowmass Terrain Park by Night

Adventure photographer, Catherine Aeppel takes the broncolor Siros 800 L kit on location to capture her vision of “a snowboarder slides a rail at night as spinning steel wool engulfs him in a circle of flames.”

Ruby Bird Studio x Hasselblad and Broncolor Space Voyage

Ruby Bird Studio in NYC recently hosted broncolor and Hasselblad for an intergalactic demo evening complete with giant moon rocks and space-themed models. Event goers were able to test out broncolor’s Para 222, Para 133, Siros S and Siros L, Scoro, and 1600w HMI.

Mini-Satellite Reflector – Hard Light… Like the Sun

broncolor Mini-Satellite Reflector - Erik Valind

Erik Valind experiments with the broncolor Mini-Satellite Reflector in this guest post. He compares the mini-satellite to sunlight during a shoot on location in NYC, and further experiments with the mini-satellite to mimic sunlight in the studio.

Artist Spotlight: Mike Tittel

This Artist Spotlight features Wisconsin-based photographer, Mike Tittel. Motivated by his travels and personal experiences, Mike created a stunning portfolio of adventure sports mixed with a wide variety of lifestyle and location work. His unique approach to sculpting light and creating stunning imagery has attracted numerous renowned clients to select Mike as their top choice photographer.

Still-life Specialist Nicholas Duers works with Scoro WiFi & bronControl

A recent addition to Nicholas Duers’ workflow has included the integration of broncolor’s WiFi-enabled products. Though a longtime user of broncolor products, his purchase of Siros monolights for location-based work introduced a newfound ease of use through the bronControl app. This was soon followed up with broncolor’s flagship Scoro WiFi and a set of Pulso and Unilite lamps.