Still-life Specialist Nicholas Duers works with Scoro WiFi & bronControl

A recent addition to Nicholas Duers’ workflow has included the integration of broncolor’s WiFi-enabled products. Though a longtime user of broncolor products, his purchase of Siros monolights for location-based work introduced a newfound ease of use through the bronControl app. This was soon followed up with broncolor’s flagship Scoro WiFi and a set of Pulso and Unilite lamps.

G Active: Water Made Active – 3D Liquid Speed Frames Freezed with Scoro

James Medcraft was asked by Unit9 to direct the photography and devise a way to capture this ambitious project all in camera. Over the course of 6 months working with Unit9, Machine Shop, Arri Rental UK and Mark Roberts Motion Control we developed a stop-motion 3D liquid printer that took Motion capture data of a human and printed it life size frame by frame.

Interview with James Medcraft by Dan Wang

Apocalyptic Photo Shoot by Benjamin Von Wong – Oxygen: Not for Sale

The epic photography of Benjamin von Wong has a very strong impact. It makes us think about our living and our environment. Recently talking with Benjamin he pointed out to me, that his photography should help to bring some messages across the world.

Creating Still Life Images with No Photoshop Retouching by FStoppers

Our friends at Fstoppers wrote a great post on “Creating Still Life Images with No Photoshop Retouching” by featuring Karl Taylor’s How to do product photography videos!