Para Setup Videos

Ever wondered how to setup a Para 88? Want to know how the FT system assembles?

Check out our new How-To videos with Erik Valind where we show you the ins-and-outs of assembly of all four sizes of Para, and broncolor’s two unique focusing rod mechanisms!

RFS 2.2 How-To Videos

Join photographer Erik Valind in this in-depth view at the new RFS2.2 transmitter from basic setup to custom functions.

Using Alternate in bronControl with Siros

Alternate is a unique function available in the free bronControl app that gives you even more creative lighting options. New York City photographer Erik Valind shows you how to setup Alternate and makes a creative colorful portrait with Siros.

broncolor How To with Karl and Urs

Famed international photographers Karl Taylor and Urs Recher show you lighting scenarios, gear setups, and much more in this 23-part How To from broncolor.

Picolite + Fresnel for Hard Light

These archival cannisters of developed film from the Space Shuttle era feature direct positive images from missions in orbit. Originally these images would’ve come from the 500EL camera, setup with the long-roll film back that provides 200+ shots per magazine, especially handy when you’re floating in space with no ability to reload.