Classical Tabletop Light with Steve Hansen

We’re excited to feature another guest post from photographer Steve Hansen. Steve is an award-winning advertising photographer specializing in food, liquids, packaging, and high-speed photography and motion.

SLR Lounge: Lighting Modifiers – Which one is right for you?

One of the biggest challenges that we face as photographers is developing our own style that is not only recognizable, but resonates with our target audience. Many of us start the quest as solely natural light photographers and some choose to stay here indefinitely, which is fine. Sure, there are many ways that natural light can be manipulated, however, this is such a limiting factor both developmentally and financially. A very common and natural progression for portrait photographers is the transition from natural light to toying with artificial light.

Audi S8 Portraits of Luxury by Tim Gerges

Check out this fantastic post from photographer Tim Gerges with a Behind the Scenes look at a recent shoot!

Photographing an Auto Icon with Ben Sager

To light masterfully takes a careful hand and keen eye. That is exactly what photographer Ben Sager was equipped with, alongside his broncolor lighting tools.