Athletic Portraits in a Snow Storm

Athletic and action photographer, Fontaine Rittelmann, takes us behind the scenes of her most recent shoot on Mt. Hood with the broncolor Siros 800 L battery powered monolight.

Discovering the PNW with broncolor and Raincamp

Dylan Furst and Rob Sese of Raincamp explore the forest in the Pacific Northwest and create enchanting images using broncolor lighting in this blogpost. Watch as a simple forest walk turns into something of fantasy.

Photographing the Juxtaposition of Healthy Food & Junk Food

broncolor lighting

Written by Jenna Gang, NYC based still life photographer and Kristin Stangl, NYC based food stylist and writer. Jenna and Kristin set out to create two images that juxtapose healthy food and junk food while utilizing broncolor lighting.


ROCK by Zach Galarza, TIMEZAC Photography

Zach Galarza of TIMEZAC Photography shares his creative vision and set-up behind his on location shoot at a rocky beach in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Using broncolor and Hasselblad gear, he captures beautiful shots of his model against a dramatic coastal backdrop with a subtle high fashion feel.

The Ring of Fire: Snowboarding the Snowmass Terrain Park by Night

Adventure photographer, Catherine Aeppel takes the broncolor Siros 800 L kit on location to capture her vision of “a snowboarder slides a rail at night as spinning steel wool engulfs him in a circle of flames.”