Street portraits in lower Manhattan By Philip Vukelich

The past few weeks I’ve been out several times to photograph strangers on the streets of NY. While street photography is an enormous genre in the city and there are tons of photographers who capture fantastic images, I’m a portrait photographer, not a street photographer. I’m interested as much in a person’s face as I am in the scene, so to capture the faces of New York in the best way I know how meant bringing lighting on location. With a pretty minimal setup and the help of a friend we made some portraits of just a few of the characters willing to take a minute out of their day to pose for a photo.

Artist Spotlight: James Michelfelder

James Michelfelder combines perfected light with professional athletes to create the visual images as Global Director of Photography at Under Armour.

Gray + Bernstein light August Alsina, Pt. 2

Continuing from their work last time with R&B star August Alsina, the team of director Amber Gray and DP Julian Bernstein were the go-to for the msuic video for “DRUGS.” And yet, again, broncolor HMI proved to be the light source of choice for demanding shoot environments and challenging lighting scenarios.

My Broncolor Story by Antonis Engrafou

When I first started photography I found inspiration from old masters of paintings. I was always attracted by the colors, composition and textures that the paintings had; and wanted to have the same aesthetic on my work. I started experimenting with different light techniques, and while I was getting there, still something was missing; the light quality. In the past I used different cameras and lighting systems but once I got my hands on Hasselblad and Broncolor I found out what was missing. From that day on, these systems are my color pallet and brush. Just by using them, it gave me the inspiration and motivation for my storytelling work.