We’re excited to feature a guest post from photographer Steve Hansen. Steve is an award-winning advertising photographer specializing in food, liquids, packaging, and high-speed photography and motion. His 20 years of experience as a chef and extensive experience as a food stylist and digital artist allow him and his incredible team to execute any imaginable image or motion project.

For this image, my goal was to capture a main food or beverage export associated with Washington State and California and have the silhouette of Seattle and San Francisco in the soil cutout.

To create this conceptual composite I used a Scoro pack with a Pulso head in a 1’x3’ strip bank for the key light. I used a Picolite with the spot attachment to create a background gradient on the seamless and another Picolite with the projection attachment to replicate the intense sunlight hitting the soil and produce.

Once the components were captured I brought the elements into Photoshop and formed the city structures in the soil, making sure the buildings were recognizable but still loose and somewhat natural.

For the backgrounds, I used images in my stock library to complement the fruits in the foreground. From there it was a matter of carefully creating the appropriate color casts, quality of light and overall mood so nothing looked out of place despite the intentionally exaggerated size of the produce.

Having the flexibility the spot and projection attachments provide allowed me to start with images that would match the outdoor shots and the exposure and color consistency the Scoro pack provides makes my work in post much more fun and straightforward.
Happy shooting!

Our thanks to Steve for a look at a very neat creative shot! Make sure to check out more of his work at www.stevehansenimages.com, and follow him on Instagram too!