For commercial photographers, self-assigned projects can often produce unique work. For Jeffrey Moustache, this is exactly the case. In between his busy life as a photographer, competitive facial hair grower, and, custom suit and hat maker, he wanted to create new images for self-promotion. Luckily he was able to turn to his friend and professional athlete, Christian Serika.

@lowkeysereika keeping it . #style #studio #studiophotography #canon #broncolor

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@lowkeysereika in the garage studio yesterday working on some new images #studio #skate #twssightings

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Stylistically, Moustache has always been a fan of high contrast with a stark difference between highlights and shadow. For his finished image, he also added a vibrant color element for a warm glow.

As his key, Jeffery placed a Siros 800S with Softbox 60×60 directly above for a directional but soft light. To create the red glow, a second Siros with L40 reflector and a fine grid was added for the eye-catching rim light. In addition to the lights, a white fill card on the floor helped add fill, while black flags on the sides prevented flare.

@lowkeysereika BTS in the garage setup I did to test some new images

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Jeffery Moustache is a commercial and advertising photographer based in Los Angeles. Besides an impressive photographic portfolio, he is also 3-time World Champion Beardsman. For six years running now, his series, “The World of Beards” stands as one of the most extensive collections of competitive facial hair. He also produces his own line of custom hats and suits, The Haberstasher. You can view more of his work at and follow him on Instagram as @jmoustache!