Check out this fantastic post from photographer Tim Gerges with a Behind the Scenes look at a recent shoot!

I know I say this about most of my shoots, and definitely about all my car shoots… but this is one of my favourite shoots, and one of the ones I’m most excited about sharing with the world.

I recently had the privilege of shooting the new Audi S8. While this is the most luxurious of luxury cars, Jacque, my contact at Audi Center Cape Town, and myself had the idea of shooting this luxury car in a gritty environment.

When I first met Jacque, he took me on a quick tour of Audi premises, and, strangely enough, I fell in love with the wash bay. It would provide the perfect gritty environment for this shoot.

Natural light wouldn’t work for this shoot. Although I wanted a gritty location, I wanted to be fully in control when it comes to what I wanted included in the photographs…

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