Behind the Scenes at FStoppers Atlantis!

HBI was proud to be a part of the Fstoppers Atlantis workshops in the Bahamas last month, supporting a number of photographers and their workshops.

We got to see some amazing images, with experiences from photographers Erik Valind, Rob Grimm, Joey Wright, as well as the team from Phlearn.

Siros was definitely out in play, as Rob Grimm and the RGG EDU crew rocked nine of them, lighting drinks and products all week long. Rob shot with the new Hasselblad H5D-50C, showing the great output of the 50MP CMOS chip. With quite a few lights, the bronControl app definitely came in handy for fine tuning each light to perfection!




Erik Valind rocked the Move 1200 Pack and Sunbounce in the beautiful Bahamas weather, with beautiful on location portraits. Don’t miss Erik’s behind the scenes post on his awesome poolside sport portrait too!



Swimwear and lifestyle photographer Joey Wright tamed the sun with Sunbounce, using the Sun-Swatter Pro to cut down that high overhead light, and accentuate with the Sunbounce Pro.





Aaron Nace and the always-great Phlearn team also had Siros on hand, shooting some awesome images that later received the full treatment from Aaron’s post-production expertise.


A quick shout-out to all the workshop attendees, we were so excited to see you take home some awesome knowledge. We can’t wait to see what you shoot next!

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