Gen NEXT launched – See the Future of Photography before Your Eyes




The world’s hottest new photography project broncolor Gen NEXT is launched! The concept is simple – broncolor equips the next generation of young pro photographers with cutting edge lighting gear for photography and videography, and makes a request: Amaze us with your images! All the creative results will be showcased on the broncolor Gen NEXT blog, a platform designed to inspire the new generation of photographers.


The first group of broncolor Gen NEXT photographers are: Lara Jade (fashion/USA), Benjamin Von Wong (experimental/CAN), Dustin Snipes (sports/USA), Jason Jia (fashion/CHN), and Manuel Mittelpunkt (still life/GER). The broncolor Gen NEXT photographers are a global team and are relishing the challenge.


The broncolor Gen NEXT project is a win-win – young professional photographers are supported with access to outstanding equipment, and broncolor gains insights from these industry trailblazers to develop future products according to their photography and videography needs. Teamed up with broncolor, these young professionals have the power to light the way and shape the future of photography.


Do you have what it takes to step up and become a broncolor Gen NEXT photographer? The next group of talented young photographers will be selected through a worldwide online contest that launches beginning of 2015 and announced mid 2015. More details will be revealed in autumn 2014 on the broncolor website and social channels, as well as at the photokina, so stay tuned!

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