New broncolor softboxes for still life and product photography

The new generation of broncolor softboxes was designed to provide photographers with very versatile light characteristics.

The sizes range from 35 x 60 cm up to 120 x 180 cm. We offer 6 rectangular and square softboxes, one narrow striplite shaped box and two octaboxes with diameters of 75 and 150 cm.

0429 New Softboxes_USA_CA

Regarding the light quality of our softboxes, we went one step further than everyone else. We wanted the illumination of our softboxes to be absolutely even and very sharply edged – so they could also be used in still life photography without any restrictions. Even highly reflective surfaces such as chrome, plastic or jewelry can now be lit with softboxes. To test these aspects of quality, we first of all shoot the front diffuser of our softboxes. Many softboxes on the market would look like this:


The reason is the low quality diffuser: The optical density is too low and the structure of the weave is clearly visible. You do not want this cross reflecting on your shiny objects!

The new broncolor softboxes have a very homogeniously lit front diffuser:


If you want to check your own softbox, make sure you do not overexpose the picture. Once completely white, every softbox looks good. Shoot it (bright) grey and you will see, what is going on.

The sharp edges of our softboxes are achieved with a 4 cm black frame around the third (optionally available) diffuser. Compare the edges of these two softboxes : broncolor on the left, a competitor’s box on the right.

screen 4

To achieve the perfect illumination, we combine up to three diffusers. Therefore we had to control the color consistency very precisely. All materials (speedring, reflector, diffuser) do not influence the color temperature at all – even when used in triple layers. The perfect color control of broncolor power packs is not affected.

To check all these aspects of light quality, I shot a black helmet with large reflective parts. A shift in color temperature would immediately be visible as well as an uneven illumination.

The set up of my lights:


The final result:


This short video shows you, how I set up the four individual lights:

1. The Octabox 150 behind the helmet.
2. A black flag between the helmet and the Octabox 150.
3. Positioning the Striplite from the left side.
4. A large Softbox from the right side of the camera to show the metallic plate (not visible in the video)
5. A small and angled Softbox from the right side to show the forms and bring more details.

As the video is produced with the modelling lights, some lights look redish. But you can see in the final shot, all flashes are very acurate in color.

The new broncolor softboxes – very versatile and precise enough even for still life and product photography.

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