Catherine Asanov Shoots The Secret Garden Editorial for Zink Magazine

LA based photographer, Catherine Asanov, started dabbling in the darkroom when she was just 16. “I fell in love with the magic of the darkroom, in developing film and bringing an image to life on paper with light. Being trapped in a darkroom with one red light was such a magical and personal experience,” states Catherine Asanov in a recent interview with broncolor.



After studying at the Savannah College of Art & Design in France and Atlanta, Catherine moved to LA to begin to develop a client base. She is currently based between Los Angeles and New York City and is represented by LVA Represents.Zink_CatherineAsanov_May13-2

Catherine’s strong work ethic, along with her creativity, creates a strong foundation for the seminars she currently hosts throughout the country; teaching a new generation of photographers how to turn their dream of photography into a successful business. “I really do believe that the more work you put into your passion, the more your dream begins to develop,” a message that she not only teaches at her seminars, but practices on a daily basis.

Not limited to just seminars, Catherine also works as a Fine Art and Fashion photographer. Her creativity is fueled by experimentation and a willingness to take chances. “I learned a lot of my techniques by just playing around. I love to experiment. There were of course classes I took in college on lighting and photography fundamentals, which got me off on the right foot. I still experiment with lighting techniques every shoot and find some new trick every day,” says Catherine of her lighting practices.Zink_CatherineAsanov_May13-3


As a young photographer entering the field, Asanov was limited by her equipment. “I’ve always had minimal tools at my disposal after being thrown into the real world. I learned how to be a one light or two light wonder and being able to do something beautiful with little tools.” However, as her career grows, so does her equipment. Working closely with broncolor, Asanov now uses the Mobil A2l kit, along with multiple heads, beauty dishes, and whatever else she can get her hands on.  The lightweight heads allow Catherine to travel with lighter-weight light stands, and the eco setting allows for longer battery life on shoots. “It’s the quality of light, the durability, and I know the product won’t fail me like other products have in the past,” that keeps Asanov coming back to broncolor. “The light that the broncolor lighting system produces is like no other. The modifiers are not like any other as well. It’s the whole package that made me seal the deal.”

Catherine Asanov continues to work closely with broncolor, producing work and hosting seminars for a new generation of photographer. Visit our events page to find out when and where you can catch her next.

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