Professional mountain biking in Whistler with Scott Markewitz and Sun-Sniper camera straps

Scott Markewitz Deep Summer 2012 from Scott Markewitz on Vimeo.

Scott Markewitz:

“I was recently invited to compete in the Deep Summer Photo Challenge in Whistler, B.C., where I ended up taking 2nd place.  It was great to be back in Whistler, especially for such a fun and challenging event.  For 3 straight days, I shot with an amazing team of professional mountain bikers [Cam Zink, Kurt Sorge, Katie Holden, Richie Schley, Brett Tippie, Bernie Kerr and Elliott Jackson], moving around the mountain on Whistler’s vast network of trails looking for the best shots we could find.

The Sun Sniper straps I use on both of my cameras were great for this event.  The terrain on Whistler Mountain is pretty rugged and hiking around to get into position for a shot can be precarious.  With the Sun Sniper strap across my shoulder I could slide my camera around behind my back to keep it away from rocks and trees as I hiked around, and then slide it back around when I got into position, ready to shoot.

And, when I want to have two cameras ready to shoot with different lenses, it’s great to throw one across each shoulder.  It takes the weight off my neck and keeps the cameras on my sides so they don’t bang into each other.”


Take a look at the Sun Sniper Pro and Compact that Scott Markewitz uses on his shoots.


Scott Markewitz Photo

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