On Location with Bryce Pincham: Hasselblad H Series excels in the world’s worst recorded weather conditions


Photo courtesy of Bryce Pincham

His landscape portraits capture the beauty of desolation. Each photo seems to be a part of a dream sequence, and after every image, you’re woken up and then simultaneously fall into a REM of the next enthralling dream sequence. But getting to capture images of sublime areas of the world is just a perk; the real treat is “getting to travel and explore new amazing places.”

Bryce Pincham, a New Zealand-born and New York-based landscape and environmental portrait photographer has shot all around the world for impressive international clients such as Swiss Rail, Adobe, Phillips 66, 02, RAC, Grand Marnier, Swiss International Airlines and LL Bean.  He describes how he got his feet on the ground and what helped him become the photographer he is today:

“I studied photography in my last year at school in New Zealand and realized straight away this was what I wanted to do with my life. I started assisting some of the top photographers in New Zealand but fairly quickly realized I wanted the opportunity to learn more by working on bigger jobs with bigger photographers so I moved to London. I spent 4 years assisting in London, a lot of these shoots involved travel around the world. This was when I developed my love for shooting landscapes. I then moved to New York and spent another 4 years assisting before going out on my own. I have now been shooting professionally for 8 years and have shot for numerous international clients including Swiss Rail, Adobe, Phillips 66, O2, RAC, Grand Marnier, Swiss International Airlines, LL Bean. ”

Photo courtesy of Bryce Pincham

Going out on his own and taking the bull by the horn helped Bryce to find and capture his photographic voice. When he was commissioned to shoot a campaign for “Swiss Rail,” he realized that being out on his own was a growing experience. He attributes much of what he knows in technique to his years of assisting and by consistently shooting personal work and experimenting with visuals.

Along with his own personal enlightenment,  and putting one foot in front of the other, Bryce recalls one mentor that has also shaped his work : “As far as a perfect mentor, my main mentor was an amazing London based commercial photographer, “Rick Guest” who I assisted full time for 2 years. He helped me develop my love for shooting landscapes, he would always encourage me to shoot landscapes and personal work whenever we were traveling together for jobs, even to the point he would fly us both out to a location a day before the job so we could explore and shoot personal work.” He also mentions his other icons: Stephen Shore, William Eggleston, Garry Winogrand, Lee Friedlander.

Learning from the Pro

Photo courtesy of Bryce Pincham


What are we going to shoot today?

“This is an image I shot for an LL Bean Campaign. The idea was to shoot an image of one of the scientists that work in the Observatory at the top of Mt Washington in New Hampshire wearing LL Bean gear. Mt Washington has the worst recorded weather in the world, so we wanted to capture the feeling of how extreme the conditions can get up there in the winter.”

What tools are you using to make this image?

“Hasselblad H series with a 50mm Lens.”

What features of the equipment that you use make it easier to do your job?

“Amazing, tack sharp lenses, beautiful big viewfinder, simple camera interface. I needed the best possible image quality and also the reliability for the camera to handle the extremely cold and demanding conditions I would encounter. I knew I only had one chance to get these images. When we arrived at the top of Mt Washington, we had nice sunny conditions, but by the time we started shooting, a storm had come in and we were shooting in 75mph winds and -20F temps. This was a real test for the Hasselblad, I had to keep bracketing my exposures all the time as the light was changing so quickly with the clouds, and I wanted to keep as much detail in the sky as I could. The Hasselblad handled these extreme conditions with no problems; it really showed me how robust these cameras are.”


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