Are all broncolor lamp heads compatible with all broncolor power packs?

Yes, all broncolor heads are compatible with all broncolor packs back to 1972. there are a few things that you should know though. The broncolor Mobilite heads have a low current draw modeling light designed for use on the Mobil a2r pack. This means that the Mobilite heads modeling light will not work when plugging the head into a regular AC powered studio pack. Conversely, Unilite and Pulso head modeling lights will not function when plugging them into a Mobil a2r pack. Either way there is no risk of damage to either the pack or the head. The pin outs on the heads are different so the only behavior is that the lamphead modeling light will not turn on.

Update:  As of the release of the Litos lamp head in September 2010 that above statement s no longer accurate.  Litos is a lightweight head that was created specificall for use with teh Senso pwer pack.  Litos will only operate on a Senso power pack and not on other broncolor packs.  But in addition to the Lito head any other broncolor head can be used with the Senso power pack.

Click here to download head/pack compatibility chart from BEAG

What is the difference between a 1600 ws and a 3200 ws lamp head?

A Pulso G2 (1600 ws) and a Pulso G4 (3200 ws) lamphead are the same lamphead body.  The only difference is the flashtube that each uses.  The same is true of the Unilite line of lampheads the 1600 ws and 3200 ws versions of the heads are the same, but the flash  tube in each is much different.
The 1600 ws models are designed for use in any pack, but only up to 1600 ws of output.  These flash tubes are less expensive and will wear out much faster if used above their rated 1600ws.  There is no danger in using them above 1600 ws – only a shorter life.  The 3200 ws tubes on the other hand can be used at any power up to 3200 ws.

Can I upgrade the stand adapter of my Pulso or Flashman lampheads?

Previous generations of broncolor lampheads used the 3/8 stand adapter. The below listed lampheads can be upgraded to the current 5/8” Baby pin stand:

  • Pulso 2 / F2
  • Pulso 4 / F4
  • Pulso 8
  • Pulso Twin
  • Flashman

To upgrade the stand adapter, you will need part number PB-S0031.00. This can be replaced by our service center in New Jersey or by the user. For more information, contact us at or 908.754.5800 9AM-5PM Eastern Standard Time.