Speaking with broncolor user Colin Anderson about inspiration

Perhaps the most common question l get asked as a photographer is “where do you get your ideas from?” Often, it’s not an easy one to answer with my usual response being locations, props and models etc. But on a recent trip
along The Great Ocean Road in Victoria Australia, a rare opportunity arose where l was given an entire series handed to me by this amazing stretch of coastline also known as the ship wrecked coast. With no real idea of what, or how l was going to create the final imagery and no models or props with me l just shot everything that caught my eye with the plan to fine tune all the elements once l returned home. Back at the studio l began processing all the shots out and planning the next stage on how l would incorporate the model, props and feel to the series. Wanting to give the images a high end fashion feel was the first step to establishing the stylistic direction l was going to take. Also the series would take on a narrative approach which would help to tie everything together with a start, middle and ending.

For the image shown here, “Salvage”, the idea was to have her finding washed up treasure from the ship wreck itself. As the treasure chest was fairly heavy, we propped it up so the model could retain an elegant and relaxed
pose to keep with the style of the shot. Lighting wise, l placed a Broncolor soft box with a diffusion panel to the side of the model and a silver umbrella to the left. Two 5ft white bounce boards were placed in front to
provide some fill to the model and treasure chest. All the elements were then brought together and combined in Photoshop to achieve the final image.

What started out as a personal series has since been picked up by a new client who we will be reshooting the entire series for a campaign launching in 2010.

Colin Anderson is a photographer specializing in conceptual and narrative based imagery. He also co-founded blendimages.com.


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