Night Kiteboarding in the Caribbean

It’s been a longtime dream for photographer Catherine Aeppel to shoot nighttime kiteboarding in crisp, turquoise waters – a stunning setting to capture athletes in their element, tearing up the clear, calm water as the droplets spraying from the back of their boards are dynamically frozen in time. With some key broncolor tools she was able to bring this dream to life.

Creative Composite Image with Steve Hansen

A look at precision light shaping to create a creative composite still life with Steve Hansen!

The People of Brooklyn

Overcoming fear and photographing the notoriously impatient strangers on the streets of New York; street photographer Phil Vukelich sheds a unique light on the people of Brooklyn, NY with the Move 1200L power pack.

G Active: Water Made Active – 3D Liquid Speed Frames Freezed with Scoro

James Medcraft was asked by Unit9 to direct the photography and devise a way to capture this ambitious project all in camera. Over the course of 6 months working with Unit9, Machine Shop, Arri Rental UK and Mark Roberts Motion Control we developed a stop-motion 3D liquid printer that took Motion capture data of a human and printed it life size frame by frame.

Interview with James Medcraft by Dan Wang

Demo Day With EQ Studios

Take a behind the scenes look at what EQ Studios created with new broncolor gear on location at their demo day in San Diego.