Artist Spotlight: Mike Tittel

This Artist Spotlight features Wisconsin-based photographer, Mike Tittle. Motivated by his travels and personal experiences, Mike created a stunning portfolio of adventure sports mixed with a wide variety of lifestyle and location work. His unique approach to sculpting light and creating stunning imagery has attracted numerous renowned clients to select Mike as their top choice photographer.

Still-life Specialist Nicholas Duers works with Scoro WiFi & bronControl

A recent addition to Nicholas Duers’ workflow has included the integration of broncolor’s WiFi-enabled products. Though a longtime user of broncolor products, his purchase of Siros monolights for location-based work introduced a newfound ease of use through the bronControl app. This was soon followed up with broncolor’s flagship Scoro WiFi and a set of Pulso and Unilite lamps.

Virtual Reality Gym Photoshoot with Fudo Jahic

Since adding the broncolor Siros monolights to his arsenal, Fudo Jahic has been able to expand creative options when it comes to lighting. When approached by Black Box VR, a virtual-reality fitness company, he was able put their location lighting capabilities to the test.

Range Rover, photographed by Raincamp and lit with broncolor

This month, we’re honored to bring you behind the scenes on a shoot for Land Rover – photographed by the collective, Raincamp. Formed by photographers Dylan Furst and Rob Sese, the Washington-based duo discussed the lighting and creative process in photographing a Range Rover in a series of challenging locations.

Andris Dzeguze Experimenting With Gels and Siros 800 L

“In my photography I’ve always been fascinated by power of the message you can deliver through photos – the idea of creating not only beautiful photos but also being able to transmit the mood to the viewer means a lot to me.”