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Photographic art hits new heights as Michael Najjar prepares to launch into space

18/09/2014 Artists have a long history of pushing back the boundaries, and Michael Najjar will be making his own unique contribution when he and his camera take a sub orbital space flight aboard the Virgin Galactic next year.


Sharing his fascinating story and science-fiction flavoured photographic imagery with his seminar audience on the Hasselblad booth at photokina, Michael revealed how much training he’s had to undergo to prepare for his groundbreaking flight, which has included a jet flight into the stratosphere, a zero-g flight, centrifuge training, simulated spacewalking in a hydrolab and training simulations in a replica of the Soyuz capsule. Michael has been documenting every step of the way using his Hasselblad H4D, and even before his flight takes place he’s built up a striking body of work that reflects his fascination with the rapidly developing field of space travel.

“Ultimately this area is going to have a big impact on people’s lives,” he says, “and I decided that I needed to sample space travel myself to understand what it was all about. So I took the plunge, spent $200,000 and bought myself a ticket for one of the first flights of the Virgin Galactic. This will go up 110 km into space, and five fellow astronauts and I will see the curvature of the earth and experience weightlessness for around five to six minutes.”


Given that Hasselblad cameras were chosen to record man’s first visit to the moon back in the 1960s it’s fitting that they should also be associated with the first artist in space, and Michael’s audience were left full of anticipation for the artwork that will emerge sometime soon from his extraordinary adventure.

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